I love little life moments that feel small at the time, but have the potential to become momentous down the road. This week I took my son to get a new camera. He’s been more interested in photography lately, but his old kiddy camera is just not up to the task of giving him room to grow. He’s been using his iPad to take pictures, but it pains me every time I see it.

I’ve been wanting to get him something better for a while now. He’s not quite at the point where a DSLR would be worth the investment (though I do live for the moment when he wants to borrow/steal mine). So I’ve been looking for something middle of the road for a while now.

I think we finally found something that would do the trick for him. This week we picked up a Fujifilm instax mini Evo for him. And I’m so excited to see what he does with it. It’s a hybrid digital/instant camera, meaning that it works like a normal point-and-shoot digital, but can also print off pictures like an old Polaroid.

We’ve got a family vacation coming up, and I’m hoping that he reaches for his camera at least once during the trip. I’m excited to see what happens. And I look forward to the day when I have to ask him where my camera has gone to.

Weekly Goals:

The only big goal I had this week was to learn the basics of writing a screenplay to prepare myself for the NYC Midnight Screenwriting Challenge. I’m feeling like I’m in a better position now for this writing challenge than I was at the beginning of the week. So goal accomplished.

I also had to secure train tickets for our upcoming vacation this week. And I’m discovering that train tickets in Europe are a funny thing. They’re either very easy, or very hard. I got to experience both this time. But travel is secured, and we’re all very excited for a fun train ride.


I finally got around to the household stuff I’ve been putting off. We moved recently, and there are still more boxes than I’d like that needed dealing with. Now there are fewer of those. I’ve always found that it takes a solid year to actually settle into a new place. No matter how many times I move, the timeline never seems to shrink. So I’m giving myself time, but also trying to make sure I stick to doing some settling in every week until it’s done.

This week I’ve been focusing on my office. It’s become more clear to me how much I need this space to be functioning, as I’ve been spending more time in it. I do most writing in my office, and being surrounded by piles of things that need sorting is too much of a temptation to turn away from the keyboard.

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And that’s the week done. Tune in tomorrow to see what I end up settling on to fill the next seven days. Hopefully I’ll have made my mind up by then.