So you want to reach out and say hello? Nice! These are the easiest ways to reach/find me:

Email me

Fair warning - I’m sometimes horrible at responding in a timely manner with email. I’ll try, but I make zero promises. Just remember, if I don’t get back to you immediately, it’s not you. It’s absolutely me. Unless you’re a spammer. Then it’s you.

Hit me up on Matrix

I honestly don’t use this much. But it’s there. If you use it, hit me up and convince me why/how I should be using it more!

Find me on Mastodon

Most days I check in on the fediverse feeds. Unless I don’t. I am a fickle being.

There are likely other ways to get a hold of me, but these are the most likely to be successful. And I really would love to hear from you. So drop a line and say hi!