So I had decided to take a blog break while on vacation. Turns out, that was a month ago! But the break was good, and I’m back with renewed vigor and some more ideas.

The idea I’ve been playing around with the most lately is to add another page to the website. I’ve been loving the idea of a “digital garden”, and have seen some excellent examples across the web. But I’ve never quite had a grip on how I would use such a page.

This week, I’m going to answer that question for myself. I have some ideas on how I think it could work for me, so I plan on giving it a go and seeing what happens. And of course I’ll do the work out in the open, as always, and will include lots of great examples I’ve been bookmarking along the way.

So that will be this week’s goal. Plant a digital garden. Feels like I’m preparing for a round of Stardew Valley. If it’s half as fun, I’ll call it a success!