It’s looking like I’ll be working on two projects this week. The big one will be to write the screenplay for the screenwriting challenge I wrote about all last week. While this will eat up a good portion of my time and energy this week, it’ll likely not be something I’ll be mentioning too much here, aside from maybe a little progress update or something.

The other project I’ll be working on this week, though, is one I’ll be doing in the open. This week I’ll be working on coming up with a system to blog from the road.

As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m a huge fan of MarsEdit. The one major drawback of it, though, is that there is no mobile version. It resides solely on my laptop, which I don’t plan on bringing with me on our family vacation at the end of the week.

This leaves me with a challenge. I need to find a comparable way to write, edit, and publish these posts while I’m traveling. I know this should be easy. But I tend to overcomplicate, especially when it comes to writing interfaces and software in general. I know that I don’t want to have to rely on multiple apps to get the job done. What I want is one place where I can type up some words, maybe even include a photo or two from the road, and post without leaving the app.

So that will be my other big goal this week. Come up with a solution that works for me to write and publish posts while mobile. Fingers crossed I find something that works!