Okay. It’s the 29th of February, 2024. Leap Day. And I’m taking the leap.

I’ve been reading every day for so long now about all the people taking a plunge into being an active participant in the blogosphere. And I’ve envied every single one of them.

Then today, I came across a post from Manton on Micro.blog which pointed to Seth Godin’s blog post about his big leap:

The leap | Seth's Blog:

Every four years, we have a worldwide holiday to celebrate this sort of leap. The leap of choice. Not to suddenly get from here to there, but to choose to go on the journey.

It’s only once every 1,460 days, you can do it.

Leap today.

So I took this as my final inspiration to make my leap. If not today, then when? So here I am, doing my part to make the web a little more human. Hopefully.

I make no promises on how this will go. I’m scared even to make a promise to myself that I’ll keep up with this. But I promise that I’m here today. And hopefully I’ll still be here tomorrow.

See you then, if so.